2020, The pandemic hit us all with such a bang. The news was bombarded with massive case surges, which left everybody hangs on a thread. No one liked the feeling that hovered around them. With the intervention of the virus, the precautionary measures seemed to take over our lives, mostly forever.

The social distancing, sanitizing all the places where we once carelessly sat and ate, devouring more vitamin tablets than ever to have a better immunity system, all took over the regular mall impromptu meetups or the ‘I feel like having Chinese’ and ending up in a restaurant 5 minutes after.

The world just seemed to be at a standstill. Things went pretty bad after the CDC declared that mutations of the covid-19 virus could occur, and vaccinations won’t help with those. The bad things just kept happening on repeat. The internet was flooded with conspiracy theories that blew out into crazy proportions.

Since the 2020s, things have changed gradually while still keeping the precautionary norms in mind. The malls have finally opened to a limited number of people. There have been some shows and parties that have caught the eyes of the millennials and the Generations.

Pandemic and Jazz music

Pandemic and Jazz music

Even though the smooth sailing flow looks pretty bearable right now (let’s not jinx), the pandemic indeed has taken a significant toll on the music industry. That means that all the genres, including the dreamiest of dreamy Jazz live concerts, have come to a halt.

Jazz had a way of connecting with the people’s minds through each melody it let out. The emotions were so evident. It was enough to make a grown woman/man cry.

But due to some progressiveness in technology, even the most widely anticipated concerts can be witnessed without any background disturbance via Video Conferencing or Livestreaming.

Nowadays, we can easily witness these fantastic concerts with the help of technology.

I think it is safe to make the phrase, ‘Technology, man’s best friend’ a real thing. I mean, it is worth it.  Technology has saved so many lives, and it looks like, technology also kept the entertainment industry still on fire.  People could witness true magic again after a time of struggle. It was the comfort we never knew we needed.

Concert in 2021

Concert in 2021

Some concerts that were witnessed by the widespread audience during the year 2021 are,

Philly’s all city jazz, where numerous people can attend. The Lincoln Centre provided virtual jazz concerts and those who would love to sit and relax to the tunes while sipping a cup of tea in the comforts of their own space.

Kristine Helen’s Jazz celebration. Although virtual, it just brought simple joy.

Not to forget, April 30th was the International Jazz Day, where the internet went gaga and sent a bazillion links to witness live such Jazz concerts.

If you’re a Jazz fanatic but miss going physically to concerts, then the internet is an excellent place for you to make your dreams come true finally. Go ahead! Listen to the old blues with your noise-canceling headphones and pretend like nothing ever happened.