Jazz is a music genre known for displaying a wide array of emotions, right from pain and joy to excitement and anger. The freedom that this genre has to offer is nothing but commendable. Jazz has been a compelling voice, Even for those who have suffered and are suffering from any sort of injustice. A representative for one’s who are treated differently because of their color or the atrocities that have happened because of a dictator in a particular country. The music is an outlet for anyone who finds it otherwise difficult to find a platform for their voice. From time and time again, this genre reminds us that every voice matters and that it deserves to be heard.

The musicians of jazz have their way of playing melodies. Delivering the same song but with its own uniqueness is one of the many qualities that you will find in a jazz artist.

A personal touch in every song is what you will relate to the most.

Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Edith phyas; are some artists who’ll sweep you off your feel just by their spirit, energy, and love for this genre.

Meet the history

Meet the history

Started in New oreland in American state. It originated in the african american communities. It finds its roots in blue and ragtime music. Soon it become a tradition and part of the culture. The period of the Developement of the genre was in the States during the early period of the 20th century, this genre is often referred to as America’s classical music. In a very short span of time, it spread in America, making New York the jazz capital for the state as well the entire world!

It overlaps a lot of genres, right from blues to classical and even rocks. The boundaries might not be apparent, but this music has a lot to offer. This music is one of the most significant exports from the states to the world. This genre has expanded so much that one musician might sound completely different from the other artists and still be rocking in its own world.

To make a song right on the spot while playing solo requires a considerable amount of time and skill. I pen this article with a lot of respect and love for all the jazz artists around the globe, acknowledging their efforts and giving us this beautiful genre to cherish.

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What jazz stands for?

For many african american states, Jazz is a part of their culture and history. It become a voice of oppressed class and opinion of man. Many artist expressed the racisism they faced in various countries. There is also white jazz that expresses the thoughts of whites.

Soon the jazz music were not limited to the american states and spread to the world. From the form of a rebel, the music was taken to the stage.  Currently, the music is known to the world for the stories, for the culture.

Explore the art, because its more than a collection of notes.