If you ever wonder what Jazz Music is? Let me tell you, and it’s so much more than just music. It carries a history of progressive decades and is a symbol of cultural unity to the present day. It’s a popular genre of music that influences today’s music with its upbeat tempo, originality.

How does jazz music sound?

Just imagine walking on the streets of New Orleans, USA. It first originated not just as music but as a wave affecting cultures in more than one way. A kind of music that pursue you to get up and dance. It was the roaring 1920’s known as the jazz age, first introduced by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Jazz music is coming together of black and white heritage.

Early Jazz Music

Early Jazz Music

The most notable aspect of jazz music is that it got primarily influenced by African slaves who were brought over in the 1800s and were empty-handed with no native instruments and created what music they could with things in the southern united states. Who can still hear all this history of early Jazz in today’s music like soul and reggae?

(If I have got you curious about jazz music) just know the men of decades

Louis Armstrong who was a singer and trumpet player; he played for groups like Hot seven and Hot five, which is also 1920s and early 1930’s Jazz music. Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie are a few of them. The styles of the bands that existed at that time were known as Dixieland or New Orleans jazz.

vibes of Dixieland

Want to get some vibes of Dixieland?

Here are some noted jazz bands from around the world for you to explore.

  • Japanese Jazz Band TRI4TH, a five-member band that started in 2006, has successfully struck its spot in the Japanese jazz industry—known for its electrifying performances and modern music technique. Recommended Track: Sol Levante, Akatsuki, Freeway.
  • Next is Sons of Kemet, a British jazz group formed in 2011. They won The MOBO(Music of Black Origin) awards in 2013 for Best Jazz Act. They have two drummers, a saxophonist, and one member who plays tuba and clarinet. Recommended Track: “Hustle” ft. Kojey Radical and “My Queen is Harriet Tubman”
  • UNK: The Radha Thomas Ensemble is a Bangalore-based jazz music band from India. They have played in all significant jazz music festivals and venues in India. They released it independently in 2012. Recommended Tracks: “I only have eyes for you.”
  • Blue Note 7, formed in 2008, the USA with seven members, is Towards a more classical side. Their debut album was 2009 called Mosaic a celebration. Which is a recommended listen.
  • 5th Season a band based in Durban, is a trio. With their debut album “Symmetry,” A blend of contemporary jazz tunes and South African favorites.

Who said, Jazz is only a US origin genre. It’s an internationally famous and accepted music style.