Blues Night at Boulder Station, Las Vegas
Caught Live!
@ ArtFest of Henderson 5-13-01
J.D. Simo & Dirty Pool
by Don Brown Sr.
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J.D. Simo The just turned sixteen guitarist from Phoenix and his band recently played the ArtFest of Henderson. And although his guitar effects decided to quit at sound check, J.D. Simo and Dirty Pool were still winning over new fans.

Opening with the Jimi Hendrix classic Manic Depression J.D. soon slid into songs off his new CD Burnin' Live!. These included Lost Your Way and Remembering You. The later written in dedication to, and admiration of, guitar heroes no longer with us. Their sixty minute set was good, but were you to ask "Freight Train" Walker, J.D. or T-Bone Caradonna, they would tell you it wasn't up to their standards.

Then again J.D. Simo and Dirty Pool on a bad day with equipment problems is still better than most bands. Their next stop is back to the Railhead on June 29th. A free concert. Be sure to catch this young and rising band.

Photography by R.J. Bianchino copyright © 2001 Moondog Productions

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