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Gov't Center Amphiteater 5-25-02
The Charlie Hunter Quintet
Filling the Night Sky with Joy
by Don Brown Sr.
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Las Vegas Blues
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Charlie Hunter Musician-inventor Charlie Hunter brought his quintet to the Clark County Government Amphitheater in Las Vegas. Charlie Hunter always wanted more from his guitar, so he invented one with 8 strings so he could play bass and guitar simultaneously.

Rounding out the quintet's unique sound are John Ellis tenor sax, Josh Roseman trombone, Terreon Gully drums, and Gregorie Maret chromatic harmonica. The band filled the government amphitheater with their lush and pleasing music. Though I don't kow the names of these songs, I realized just how beautifully these men worked together. From Charlie's wild 8 string playing to dummmer Terreon Gully's grooves, this band filled the night sky with joy.

The crowd was filled with both Hunter and jazz fans alike. They were able to appreciate the music and vibe that they were getting, and for free. The great horn work from Ellis and Roseman was intriguing, but the harp playing of Maret along with Hunter's 8 string may have been life altering.

By the end of the set, the crowd didn't want the show to end. The quintet played two encores before finally leaving the stage. This performance proved that even artist you don't know well can give a great and riveting show that shouldn't be missed.

Photography by Carol Michaud copyright 2002-2003 Brown Ink

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