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@theVenetian 1-26-02
Candye Kane
by Don Brown Sr.
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Candye Kane

Playing Las Vegas for the first time in many years, Candye Kane took the Tiki Room at the Venetian by storm. Taking the stage with "YOU NEED A GREAT BIG WOMAN", Candye brought her bawdy blues act to the strip.

Candye's booming voice worked well all night, especially on the next song, "SCREAM IN THE NIGHT". This song from her latest CD, THE TOUGHEST GIRL ALIVE, Candye said had saved her lots of money in therapists. "LET'S COMMIT ADULTERY" and "SEVEN MEN A WEEK" were some of the first set's highlights.

On "LET"S GET HIGH", Candye performed her infamous keyboard trick. Henry Butler's "PUT IT ALL IN THERE", a song about putting your money in a bank, doesn't have the same meaning coming from Candye Kane.

The second set started much like the first, with Candye's band going through a few numbers with guitarist Mr. Conrad singing. When Candye finally returned to the stage, she was singing Bow Wow Wow's hit "I WANT CANDY".

Candye sang "EVERYBODY NEEDS LOVE" and did her keyboard trick again, before launching into "THE TOUGHEST GIRL ALIVE", which all her fans tend to believe. "TWO HUNDRED POUNDS OF FUN" and "GIFTED ON THE WAYS OF LOVE" added to a fun night. Candye and her band played one last boogie-woogie, which featured solos by the whole band to end a top notch show.

Photography by R.J. Bianchino copyright © 2002 Moondog Productions

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