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After playing alto saxophone and a variety of percussion instruments, Don Cunningham (b. 14 January 1931, St Louis, Missouri, USA), spent time in the US Army where he played in military bands. After army service, he joined the orchestra for the touring Johnny Mathis show as percussionist. After a few years he decided to form his own group, a quartet, in which he also began to feature his singing. The quartet played mostly in and around St. Louis but in the early 70s he moved to Los Angeles where he met and married a young vocalist. Alicia Cunningham (b. 5 October 1946, Los Angeles, California, USA), was classically trained as a singer and pianist and had worked in studios and as a teacher. The combination of Don's jazz-influenced energetic singing style and Alicia's fluid clear and lyrical sound proved exciting and interesting and they began to develop a solid reputation in Los Angeles.

For several years the Cunninghams built their act upon a wide range of music, attempting to please all kinds of audiences without necessarily satisfying their own musical needs. In the early 80s they concentrated on singing only what they wanted to sing and soon built a substantial, if still parochial, following on the west coast. Occasional engagements in the Caribbean and the Orient helped to expand their horizons but the big international breakthrough proved elusive. Towards the end of the decade they were a big hit at the UK Hayfield Jazz Festival. Their records were played on the radio and organizers of such major festivals as Cork and Edinburgh expressed an interest in them. Their disparate singing styles provide an attractive musical mix, thanks in no small part to Alicia's intricate and melodic harmonizing and to her arranging skills. The Cunninghams' stage presentation, honed to perfection after their many years in the business, has enormous panache. They perform with skill, gusto and great attack.

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