Caught Live!
@ House Of Blues 10-4-02
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
by Carol Michaud
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Jon Spencer

Plastic Fang, the latest CD from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, is a good, no a great CD. It's one of those solid collections of songs that have it all going on- catchy rhythms, great melodies, clever lyrics, even the occasional Elvis ripoff. So I was kind of surprised when I didn't particularly enjoy their recent show at the House of Blues Las Vegas.

After suffering through two terrible opening acts, I was really primed for a great show from the Explosion, but it never happened. The sound mix was so bad that no matter where I stood, the vocals (except for the screaming) were completely inaudible. This may have been deliberate, but I don't think so. I don't like having to read lips to catch lyrics, it's just too much work.

"She Said" was definitely the hightlight of the performance, and was actually very well done. "Killer Wolf" and "Mother Nature" were also played, I think.

Jon Spencer

The band left the stage after performing about 9 songs. I don't know if it was for an encore or what the reason was because I decided to leave.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, the current darling band of the New York music critics, gave a boring performance as one of the opening acts for JSBE. It would have been nice if Karen O had sung once in awhile, but screaming seemed to be her thing. The first act, the Liars, were even worse.

Maybe if I'd gone to the show a little later, skipped the first two bands, I would have enjoyed the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion more, I really don't know. At least I have the CD to enjoy.

Photography by R. J. Bianchino copyright 2001-3 Brown Ink

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