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with Rick Braun
by Don Brown Sr.

Author's Note:    This telephone interview was conducted the evening of February 19, 2004. Rick Braun took a break from his busy schedule to talk to us. All of us at, Las Vegas Blues and Caught Live Too! would like to thank Rick for being so gracious as to take time from his busy schedule. We also wish to thank Arvella Kinkaid at Warner Brothers for setting up the interview.

Rick Braun

DB:    What made you decide to play the trumpet?

RB:    It really wasn't by choice, we had six kids in my family and I wanted to play the drums. My brother had a trumpet so that was what I played.

DB:    Were either of your parents musicians?

RB:    My mother could play the piano and banjo very well.

DB:    Who were your musical influences?

RB:    When I started playing the trumpet and getting good at it, Herb Alpert was the man.

DB:    After you released your very well accepted Warner Brothers debut Kisses In The Rain, why did you decide to do BWB instead of another solo CD?

RB:    A VP at the label said that it might be a good thing to try, and I thought that if you get the chance to work with musicians like Kirk Whalum and Norman Brown, you've got to give it a shot.

DB:    Do you enjoy playing live as much as you do in the studio?

RB:    I really have a great live band and I've grown to love performing live.

DB:    When you come to play at the City of Lights Jazz Festival, will you be performing solo, with BWB, or both?

RB:    That's definitely going to be a BWB gig.

DB:    What cd's are you currently listening to?

RB:    Most of the time I've been listening to classical music.

DB:    Who would you like to play with?

RB:    I was booked on a jazz cruise with David Sanborn and some other great players but it got canceled. I think that would have been something special.

DB:    Thanks so much for you time. I'll see you in April 24th at the 11th Annual Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz Festival.

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