Chris Bell - Blues 2001 (Silver Bridge Records 2001)
Blues 2001 CD cover 01. Down Home Cookin'
02. Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
03. Elevator To Heaven
04. Mr. Chill
05. Doin' Time
06. Heck With You
07. Wine Cooler
08. Roll With The Punches

Musicians on CD Chris Bell: guitar/slide guitar/vocals. Johney O'Hara: harmonica. Aaron Schwoerer: bass/organ/vocals. David Dalessandro: drums. Cynthia Ford and Jimmy Olsen: backing vocals. Go to Chris Bell & 100% Blues for mp3 sound bytes and information on ordering the Blues 2001 disc. Visit the new website at

Chris Bell also has a live disc, Blood, Sweat & Tears, available for purchase. The new cd, Hell Is Too Hot For Me, is sheduled to be released this Fall. Song list includes "Texas Flood", "Cold-Hearted Woman", "Doin' Time", "Elevator To Heaven", and "Next to You". Stay visited to the 100% Blues websites, and check out the ad in Blues Revue June/July issue, for further information. Keep bluesin' people. Chris Bell Live: Blood, Sweat & Tears