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@theRailhead 4-19-01
Mem Shannon & The Membership
The Cresent City Cabbie
by Don Brown Sr.
& R.J. Bianchino
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Mem Shannon

When Mem Shannon took the stage at the Railhead last Thursday it was a thrill to see this ex Cresent City cabbie take firm hold of the audience. Acknowledging and appreciating Mem's musical output is like casting a vote for the underdog. And one can not help but note that his New Orlean's cab driving experiences have served his song writing talent well. Just give a listen to his first disc, "A Cab Driver's Blues", released in 1995. Then monitor the progression from this to his third CD "Spend Some Time with Me".

Shannon's older songs like "Who Are They?" and "Charity" fit in nicely with new material such as "SOBs In Their SUVs". He is a great storyteller featuring humorous and poignant songs. Both are done equally well. Sadly enough, storytelling is fast becoming a lost art. This alone is good reason to pay attention to Mr. Shannon.

Whether on stage or on disc, Mem and his band keep to a funky beat that makes you feel good inside. "Shake Up The Floor" makes everybody want to get up and dance. And the slow funk of "Not My Friend" will remind you of the times in your life that you've been betrayed by a friend.

If you like someone to make you dance, or someone who will make you think, then Mem Shannon and the Membership is the ticket. Don't miss this band next time around. You won't be disappointed. Their fourth CD, "Memphis In The Morning" will be available in stores May 8, 2001.

Photography by R.J. Bianchino copyright 2001 Moondog Productions

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