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J.D. Simo
by Don Brown Sr.

I sat down with 17 year old guitar whiz J.D. Simo. In 2000, J.D. released his first independent cd, BURNING LIVE. Now two years later, his new cd, ONE NIGHT STAND, has been released on Blue Star Records. This interview took place on May 26, 2002 in Las Vegas. J.D. was performimg at Cars, Stars, & Guitars at the Thomas & Mack Center.

Order J.D. Simo's ONE NIGHT STAND DB:    Does anyone in your family play any instruments?

JD:    Nobody in my family plays music at all. They are all athletes. My grandfather, father and brother were all Gold Glove boxers. I even boxed for about eight years myself.

DB:    So what was the reason for you to pick up the guitar?

JD:    I love music. And my sister Diane used to work out to a blues tape featuring Muddy Waters and other artists.

DB:    Is that how you got turned on to the blues?

JD:    Yes, it was definitely through my sister Diane.

DB:    When did you realize you wanted to perform?

JD:    Right away. I played my first show at 5 years old, and it just kept going.

DB:    What comes easier for you when you are writing a song, the words or the music?

JD:    It's all tough for me. But, I would have to say the music comes easier.

DB:    Your new cd, ONE NIGHT STAND, should be available everywhere. How do you feel about that?

JD:    I'm excited, but also a little apprehensive. I hope it's a good representation of our music. It was recorded in two days because we didn't want to sacrifice soul for flawlessness.

DB:    A new song, the instrumental "CITY LIMITS", you played all by yourself on stage. Is that the same way you recorded it?

JD:    Yes, it was the last song we recorded. We turned all the lights off in the studio and lit a candle for atmopshere.

DB:    What made you sign with Blue Star?

JD:    The central fact that I could make the record I wanted to make with no hassels from record companies.

DB:    Where did you record ONE NIGHT STAND?

JD:    It was recorded at Porcupine Studios in Chandler, Arizona.

DB:    Who are the musicians that influenced you the most?

JD:    Everybody I've ever seen or heard. To most people, some artists are better than others. But to me, their influence is equal.

DB:    J.D. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. I can't wait for the next set.

Editor's Note J.D. will be appearing at Las Vegas BikeFest 2002, September 13-14. See The Summertime Blues for times and details. Visit the J.D. Simo website, or click on the CD cover above, for information on ordering CDs.

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