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@theRailhead 8-1-02
Sean Costello
by Don Brown Sr.
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Sean Costello at the Railhead, Boulder 
Station, Las Vegas After two years touring and recording with Susan Tedeschi, guitarist Sean Costello is back out on his own. Now, after the release of his third CD, MOANIN' FOR MOLASSES, Sean and his band finally came to the Railhead in Las Vegas.

Starting off with an instrumental got the crowd's attention. Sean then performed "DON'T BE RECKLESS WITH MY HEART". During this song you could picture Costello becoming the next Elvis. Another song showing the bad side of love was played, "YOU'RE KILLING OUR LOVE", showing Sean's emotional range.

The instrumental "HUCKLEBUCK" showed off his fine band during this jump tune. Drummer Terrence Prather added his fills. Bassist Melvin Zackery helped propel the song. But it was keyboardist Matt Wauchope who lead the way. "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS" showed exactly what I mean.

"PEACE OF MIND" lead into a Profesor Longhair song that really showcased Wauchope's chops. Sean announced that there'd be one more song before the break. The band went into "YOU CAN'T WIN WITH A LOSING HAND", a song that fit perfectly in Vegas.

The second half opened with more of Matt's keyboard work, this time on a Booker T song. Costello then went into "WHO'S CHEATIN' WHO", another of his love blues songs. "DON'T PASS ME BY" lead into Lowell Fulson's "BLUE SHADOWS FALL", much to the delight of the fans.

Next, Sean and the band went into a couple of soul songs. First was Johnny Taylor's "HOLD ON THIS TIME", then Clarence Carter's immortal "SLIP AWAY". This showed just how talented these guys are. Costello and his band went into "YOU'RE A PART OF ME", and finished the night off with an instrumental that featured Sean's guitar skills.

Photography by R.J. Bianchino copyright 2002 Moondog Productions

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