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Caught Live!
House of Blues 4-19-03
George Thorogood
Las Vegas, NV
by Don Brown Sr.
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George Thorogood, House of Blues. Las Vegas, 2003Since 1977 with the release of his debut album, George Thorogood has been bringing his brand of hard driving blues to his fans. Now, 26 years later with the release of his new CD Ride 'Til I Die, Thorogood proves once again he can deliver the goods. George and the Destroyers made good recordings, but nothing is like seeing them live. So we went to the House of Blues Las Vegas to check them out.

Playing all the favorites that the legions of fans want to hear along with a handful of ones for a new CD kept the show fresh. Between "Who Do You Love?" and "Nighttime (Is The Right Time)," new song "The Fixer" fit in well. "I Drink Alone" and "One Bourbin, One Scotch, One Beer" lead into another new song "Sweet Little Lady," but being played right behind these classic tunes, it didn't get a fair shake.

George whipped out the slide for "Get A Haircut" and the new "Greedy Man," showing he is still a top player. What would a Thorogood concert be without the mega-successful "Bad To The Bone?" Hank Carter's sax work throughout the years has always been a great compliment to George's guitar. On the set closers "Gear Jammer" and "Movin' On Over," Hank showed his worth.

The band came out for not one but two sets of encores. The first were "You Got Me Singing The Blues Again" and "You Talk Too Much." During the second, George did something I've never seen him do before. On a new song, "That's It, I Quit," he didn't even have his guitar on. The final number isn't just the end, but a way of life for the band. "Rockin' My Life Away" was running in my brain long after the show was through.

Photo by Don Brown Sr. copyright 2003-2006 Brown Ink

George Thorogood: Ride 'Til I Die