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Shemekia Copeland
Talking To Strangers
Alligator 4887
by Don Brown Sr.
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Shemekia Copeland: Talking To Strangers Opening with Arthur Neilson's slide guitar, "Livin' On Love" kick starts the highly anticipated Talking To Strangers, Shemekia Copeland's new cd that's chock full of hot cuts. "Two's A Crowd" is a rocking blues number that shows off Shemekia's powerful pipes.

Copeland gives it to the dogs out there with "When A Woman's Had Enough." During "Should Have Come Home," Shemekia repents for the women who have made mistakes in their relationships. The driving rhythm of this song will stay on your mind. The emotional feelings that Copeland conveys on the songs "Don't Whisper" and "Talking To Strangers" shows just what the teeny bopper superstars are missing.

Producer Dr. John turns performer with his piano solo on "Too Close," which helps bring out the smoldering side of Shemekia. "Ka-Ching" tells of the lighter side of life. Even having fun, her voice rings true. Dr. John then brings out the soulful side of Shemekia on their duet, "The Push I Need." She then burns a hole through your heart on "Happy Valentine's Day" with all the pain in her voice.

Ending her cd with "Pie In The Sky," a song by her late father blues great Johnny Clyde Copeland, Shemekia shows that though she may be daddy's little girl, her great big voice makes her so much more than that.